Sunday, February 5, 2012

Serious Fun

Hello E'ryone,

Welcome to the first edition of SUNDAY M & M' yours truly, Emily Muller and Ashley Meinen. This year, for our FINAL year of Blugold Softball, we've decided to entertain you every Sunday night. You're Welcome in advance. We'll provide details from the previous week, our thoughts on softball (and life), some meaningful guidance, some probably not-so-meaningful guidance and some plain old useless material. We do accept requests for topics...if you'd like to know anything about anything, do not hesitate to ask...we will help you out and get you informed! Keep it appropriate, please. We would love to answer anything and everything, but Coach Huntington reads this too...and we'd like to continue to be on the team for our senior year :)

Week 1:

Theme of the week: paralysis

After three and 1/2 years of playing college softball, you'd think we'd have it figured out how NOT to be so sore after the first week of practice....this is false...we can't move. Everyday activities such as getting into your car, going down the stairs, using the restroom, bending down to get the remote, standing and waiting for your Mac and Cheese to boil...etc...have all become EXTREMELY difficult. However, it's a testament to our week of hard work, team building, conditioning and preparing for an amazing season. We're seeing (and feeling) the results of our time and effort and it's only the first week. This is a grrrreat sign of things to come. Plus, the more we work out, the more calories we can eat! #littlecaesars #icecream

Week 1 was a little different than the past seasons we have played here. The focus has switched from making us "position players" to making us "softball players" Each player is doing the same defensive work every day to prepare us to play numerous positions and just become more athletic...which is key...especially for pitchers :) Our new set of daily defensive drills has taken a long time to learn and implement because it's new to all of us...even the coaches. We are staying patient and positive and looking forward to it becoming faster, cleaner, sharper and more efficient. We've already gotten better since Monday so things are looking up!

The weeks leading up to spring break are very demanding. We, as players, dedicate a lot of our time OUTSIDE of practice to focus on the individual aspects of our game. Pitching, catching and hitting, for the most part, are broken into small groups that come in before practice time to get individual work and further instruction. By taking care of these things outside of our "team practice time," we are able to focus on aspects of the game that apply to everyone while we are all together. We only have about 2 hours everyday where the entire team can practice together because of class conflicts so this new format is key using our time wisely, more efficiently and improving faster.

This week is also new to us veterans in that we play in just 3 WEEKS!!! Usually we have at least 4-5 weeks before our first game. This year, we have to find the balance between teaching the fundamentals but yet still preparing for our first double header of the season. It's a hard thing to do, especially with half the team being newcomers this year. With leadership from the upperclassmen, as well as the coaches, we feel like we've found that balance. We WILL be prepared come February 25th!

That's it for day one. Normally, we will post earlier but The Voice premier (with Blake Shelton) kept us up past our bedtimes...and away from our homework We look forward to chatting with you each week and we promise, more stellar thoughts next time...

BUT WAIT....Each week, we will leave you with a song/poem. Sometimes, we might even add a video of us performing said artistic work. This week, we've written you a goodnight poem...

"Goodnight to all, we've had a ball.
We need to rest, to perform our best.
Our legs are sore, and tired too,
But we are done complaining to you.
Have a good week, staying at home,
we look forward to seeing you when we play at the dome!" Rochester


M(uller) and M(einen)

Fun Fact of the Week: The citrus soda 7-UP was created in 1929; "7" was selected because the original containers were 7 ounces. "UP" indicated the direction of the bubbles. ....share with your friends if you'd like...

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