Sunday, February 26, 2012

We're Back Ya'll

Sorry for the delay in Blog posting...the last two Sundays were craaaaazy!

As most of you know, we spent last weekend in ultra team bonding mode. We went about an hour north of Eau Claire and spent the weekend at Coach Huntington's Parents' cabin. All but 3 people were there crammed into one space. After watching the women's basketball team clinch a share of the WIAC regular season title, we all caravaned to the cabin just in time to pop in some Papa Murphy's pizza, play chubby bunny with cheese balls, and scarf down every last veggie straw and chip. Good thing we were exempt from food logging for the weekend :)

Dessert consisted of s'mores around the camp fire. Some of us attempted a new "style" of using Reese's Peanut Butter Cups instead of Hershey bars...we all voted it a success...We then started the endless list of campfire games to which Coach and Robin participated. Losing required the person to do a snow angel, face down. Needless to say, Coach and Robin are recovering from frostbite.

We played "5 Drive" "Mafia" "Snap" "I'm going Camping" "Squirt" and "Categories" to name a few. All highly intelligent games that require the UP-MOST of smarts and maturity. Like we said, Coach and Robin lost :)...and hopefully they don't read this until AFTER conditioning on Tuesday morning!

After fire #1, we all went inside and played a few rounds of "The game of Things." Basically the game gives you a situation such as "Things that you shouldn't say to your in-laws" or "Things that you shouldn't do while naked"...all the players then write a response and you have to try and figure out who said what. Basically, it turned out to be a mini ab workout from laughing so hard.

It was then bedtime for those above the age of 22 and those in the canine family. The rest of us stayed up, played a few more rounds, ate a few (or several) more chips, and played a some more "get to know you" games before the early risers headed off to bed.

Approximately 1:30am, Jenny Hess, De Gilane and the M & M's decided to go outside to get some fresh air...which is the nice way of saying we were basically forced out of the house since everyone else was sleeping and there was no room for us to talk...and talking quietly is just not possible. You're welcome for being considerate. We took a blow up mattress out on to the lake, along with a few blankets and planned our lives for the next 10 years. Probably the most productive thing we've ever done at 1:30 am!

Fire #2 started around 3:00am by us four, mostly because we were freezing from sitting on the lake for an hour and a half. We attempted to be silent when gathering our supplies but apparently, coach heard us every single time we left and re-entered the house. OHHHH WELL. We stayed up until about 4:00am and then went inside, woke some people up by rattling the veggie straw bag, and eventually drifted to sleep.

Alarms went off around 7:00am, just in time for team pancakes. Some people had to get back to Eau Claire for other commitments, but a few of us die hard campers got in touch with our inner Steve Irwin (RIP) and went ice fishing. Talk about doing something redneck. We used a giant drill to make holes, which about tore off our rotator cuffs, learned what a bobber was, and caught some goldfish...or trout...or sharks...I'm not really sure what they were....but by golly coach was in her ELEMENT. So we were happy to participate. Some people actually caught some fish...some slept in sleds...some pretended they were stranded on a deserted island and need to catch food to survive (ok maybe that was just us two)...while others played fetch with Bogey (the dog)...many activities for all to enjoy!

Eventually, ice fishing(which we've now decided to call an expensive nap) wasn't holding some of our interests so we went inside to get more food and play Jungle Speed. Robin's luck at games continued for the weekend and she found herself losing once again. We're glad she's wayyyyyy better at softball than pointless games :) This concluded our cabin weekend. We were exhausted and headed back to Eau Claire!

It was then a week of great practices before GAMEEEEE DAY! And boy did we start the season out right!

As the great Jim Haluska said, "You can't win em' all if you don't win the first two!"...and we did just that!

We played two games against Gustavus this Saturday in the Rochester Dome. Both ended in dramatic fashion and had their ups and downs for each team...typical for the first weekend of games and the first time playing with an outfield! This year we came up with a list of goals that we want to accomplish in each game. These include things such as "attempt 3 steals" "throw out a base stealer" "have key 2 out hits" "web gems" to name of few of the 15 or so that are on there. We were proud that we accomplished almost all of these goals in our double header and more importantly, that these goals lead to two big wins.

If you want to know the specifics of the weekend games, check out our Blugold athletics website...they'll explain it more detail than we will!

We would like to give some shout-outs to some peeps this weekend though..

Emma Wishau, Ashley Meinen and Emily Ruegemer - STELLAR job by our pitchers in both games and doing your job to get batters out when we needed it.

Jess Freagon - continued her dominance from last year, moved to the lead-off spot, and hit amazingly...all while splitting time between basketball and softball for the past 4 weeks..

And two freshmen, Casey Arnold and Taylor Pierce, for coming up with big offensive hits in CLUTCH situations in their first collegiate games...

Everyone of course played their role this weekend and for the most part, played it well. We definitely didn't play perfectly, but we played well enough to win and that was our ultimate goal. We will continue to improve these next three weeks before we head to Florida to play on a real softball field....time cannot go by quickly enough!

As always, we will leave you with some pointless information to ponder...

1. Follow us on twitter....@meinenar and won't be disappointed...
2. Follow @uwecsoftball on twitter for game updates and other information relevant to the sport we play
3. We will be trying out for The Voice this coming weekend in Chicago. No, this does not mean we will be on TV in the next week...we are trying out for season 3...updates to follow in the next blog...
4. The sound of ET walking was made by someone squishing her hands in jelly
5. 1 in 5000 North Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue

As the week continues, we'll try and put together some video footage of cabin weekend and the games to give you better insight of what goes on in our crazy lives...

And finally...a piece of literature...the shortest poem ever written...

Title: Chicken Pox
Poem: Adam, Had em.

You're Welcome...Good night...we look forward to your follow requests on Twitter...

Emily Muller #20 and Ashley Meinen #17

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